In Japan, I worked for an airline company. When I was a little girl I used to fly to meet my cousin who lives in Tokyo. One day, my younger brother and I had to go there without our parents. I still remember how I got scared when the airplane waved. But because I’m the older sister, I didn’t want my brother to worry. I had to stay strong. So I assured him that everything was going to be just fine. One of the flight attendants was really nice; she came up to us and took hold of our hands. I felt relieved because she stayed with us until there was no more shaking. I’ll never forget her smile and kindness. That experience made me want to work for an airline company and be like her some day. Giving kindness and waling people feel secure. When I worked back home, I tried to give customers the best service possible. But, I couldn’t give enough service for foreigner travelers because my English was not so good. That’s why I came to Toronto to get better at English. I will improve my English skills and then I will be able to help people a lot better than before. So if you are scared of flying and someone holds your hands during turbulance with a smile on her face, who knows, it might be me…

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