19 years old, South Korea

Let me tell you about my dream. Ever since I saw my father’s acting performance in the theater, I knew I wanted to be a musical actress. I had gone to see many musicals and plays before and I was always very deeply moved and impressed by their creativity and talent.I just loved the singing, the dancing and the beautiful theatre sets. As a child, I knew for sure I wanted to pursue an acting career in musicals.
My favorite musical plays are ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. I enjoy their songs very much. Also, my favorite musical actress is ‘Jeoung-Won Choi’. I find her so powerful and perfect. Back home, I used to practice acting by singing and dancing to songs on my MP3 player. Now that I’m in Canada however, I don’t do it very much anymore. Who knows if I’ll ever become a musical actress but if I were to, I know I would want to be famous, win prizes and be able to teach acting classes. Ultimately, I know hard work is needed in order to achieve my dream. I always like to say “maximum frustration is required to learn and develop as an individual”.

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