If you could be anyone for one day…

If you could be anyone for one day, who would you be?


What will I be in 15 years? Well, right now, I’m just a student stadying English. However, I have to go back to my country next week. when I am home, I will be preparing lots of stuff necessary to get a job as an accountant. I don’t want to earn a lot of money of fame, because I’m not interested in that. What I would like instead is to enjoy my life and do my best at every moment in lif. I can’t picture exactly what I’ll be doing in 15 years, but I hope I will become a good mother and wife. I want to dedicate myself to my future family and don’t want to be a workaholic. I will come back to Toronto to study English, and at that time I’ll stay at least 2 years. Staying only for a vacation is over in my life. It’s impossible to improve your English dering 2 months. After the 2 years, I’ll go back my country and then I7ll apply to a global company as an accountant. I hope I can work for the company which allows its workers plenty of free time. Spending times with my family and people I love is the most important thing for me.


In Japan, I worked for an airline company. When I was a little girl I used to fly to meet my cousin who lives in Tokyo. One day, my younger brother and I had to go there without our parents. I still remember how I got scared when the airplane waved. But because I’m the older sister, I didn’t want my brother to worry. I had to stay strong. So I assured him that everything was going to be just fine. One of the flight attendants was really nice; she came up to us and took hold of our hands. I felt relieved because she stayed with us until there was no more shaking. I’ll never forget her smile and kindness. That experience made me want to work for an airline company and be like her some day. Giving kindness and waling people feel secure. When I worked back home, I tried to give customers the best service possible. But, I couldn’t give enough service for foreigner travelers because my English was not so good. That’s why I came to Toronto to get better at English. I will improve my English skills and then I will be able to help people a lot better than before. So if you are scared of flying and someone holds your hands during turbulance with a smile on her face, who knows, it might be me…


I have lots of little dreams that I hope will grow and twist their way into meaningful endeavours. My relationships with my friends are big influence in my life and finding ways to spend time with them is a constant preoccupation. I like to be on the move, so lots of visits to my friends in near and far-away places will be in my future plans. My main project right now is a book of interviews that will include photography and other visual art. It’s about Canada’s aging demographic and how the lives of recent immigrant seniors shape our communities. The most important thing that keeps me happy and excited about life is having new experiences and learning from them. What I struggle with most has always been a tendency to be self-conscious and to put too much emphasis on success. So for now I’m trying keep in mind that life is a constant work-in-progress and that, at this stage, working hard is more important than being successful. And, of course, what is life without the universal stress over money? Well let’s just say a 9-5 job with lots of after-hours time spent on my book and other endeavours is going to be my road to get it done.


19 years old, South Korea

Let me tell you about my dream. Ever since I saw my father’s acting performance in the theater, I knew I wanted to be a musical actress. I had gone to see many musicals and plays before and I was always very deeply moved and impressed by their creativity and talent.I just loved the singing, the dancing and the beautiful theatre sets. As a child, I knew for sure I wanted to pursue an acting career in musicals.
My favorite musical plays are ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. I enjoy their songs very much. Also, my favorite musical actress is ‘Jeoung-Won Choi’. I find her so powerful and perfect. Back home, I used to practice acting by singing and dancing to songs on my MP3 player. Now that I’m in Canada however, I don’t do it very much anymore. Who knows if I’ll ever become a musical actress but if I were to, I know I would want to be famous, win prizes and be able to teach acting classes. Ultimately, I know hard work is needed in order to achieve my dream. I always like to say “maximum frustration is required to learn and develop as an individual”.

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