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It is estimated that nearly 30,000 people will view our magazine per issue throughout the year.

Currently we have published 230 copies of Sharyhthm Magazine and our goal is to gradually increase the number of copies in circulation. So far, Some ESL schools, Universities and Colleges have agreed to display our magazine in student spaces such as lounges, cafeterias, classrooms and reception areas. Copies of the magazine are intended for in-house reading purposes only and are not intended for distribution or sale outside of the schools. In addition, we are also developing a Sharhythm website that will display contents of the magazine online. We hope that many students will take advantage of the content featured in our magazine and that through this, they connect with other students and become more familiarized with the city of Toronto.

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ABC ESL Canada / Access International English Language Center / ACE / Berlitz / Can Pacific College / Center Linguista / Chelsea / Connect School of Languages / Contact Canada Educational Service / Cornerstone Academic College / Coventry House International / Education Prime / EF International Language Schools / ELS Language Studies International / English Spanish house / English Interactive / ESC / GEOS / Hansa / IH / ILAC / International Language Schools of Canada / Impact in English / Japanese Academy of Cultural Exchange / KGIBC / KGIC / Language Studies International / LSC / Maple Leaf Language College Toronto / Mc Kinsey International College / Metropolitan College / Omnicom / PGIC / PLI / RCIIS / SEC / St. George International College / Toronto International College / Upper Madison College / WTC-Toronto

University of Toronto / York University


Student agency
FSS / Jonglo / Kim Okran lsc / Last Resort / Maple Education / Torontoro / U23 / Will Education Consulting / Yuhak.com / Yeadlm

Crepe it up! / Hibiscus / Cinderella vintage shop

ISX / Japan Foundation / Toronto Reference Library

Sharhythm News

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April issue 2010 is now distributed.

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