From June 25th to July 4th this year, Toronto will once again play host to one of the world’s largest gay pride events: Pride Toronto. Streets will become filled with rainbow flags (the universal symbol of gay pride), thousands will descend upon the city’s downtown core, and the celebrations will once again begin. In Canada, everyone has equal rights, and sexual minorities live just like straight couples, who can get married, build families and so on. Tourists and English-learning students often like to see the pride parade, which can be a learning experience if their country of origin does not have similar regulations for their gay populations. During the week of Pride, you will see gays, lesbians, bisexuals, two-spirit people and trans-genders expressing their identities through gorgeous attires and objects as well as performances of every kind. You don’t want to forget your camera, as it is very visually inspiring with colours, dances, and even the occasional naked person striding across the street…


Do you know what Jazz really is? Many people like listening to music, but not all know its real meaning. This festival is the Toronto’s largest music festival attracting over 500,000 people annually to more than 40 venues, like clubs and stages all across Toronto. Many artists playing various range of paticular type of literature and arts.Let’s enjoy and learn more about Jazz!! You will be hooked on the music after festival!


Definition: short for independent. (usually used for bands and music)


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