About Us

We are Sharhythm!

What’s Sharhythm?

Sharhythm is a student collaborative effort to support International and Canadian students. Our members are dedicated to creating a unique and helpful magazine where students can get to know each other, grow together and experience Canadian youth culture. By sharing our ideas and opinions, we believe this project can be an excellent way for students to discover and learn more about other cultures. We hope through this, we can help keep the city of Toronto a culturally vibrant place for students to live in.

Our Mission

At Sharhythm our mission is simple: to create a community that transcends national borders and boundaries. With the strong belief that through sharing comes greater understanding, Sharhythm works to unite international students from all around the world in the cultural tapestry that is Toronto, to create a better society. Not only a magazine, Sharhythm also hosts weekly events to physically bring together our community readership.

We are promoting our magazine project by:

  1. Giving Sharhythm friendship cards to students
  2. Holding student discussion and other events
  3. Marketing our websites through Twitter, Facebook and sharhythm.ca

Initially, we will issue 3,000 membership cards offering discounts and other benefits for our readership.

Annually, 35,000 students come to Toronto from other countries. In addition to this population, there is an enormous amount of recent immigrants new to the country. Through Sharhythm these communities can learn more about both Toronto and the English language, while finding a welcoming place to build frienships and connections. With such a large group of potential readers, we believe that our magazine is extremely necessary. Next, we hope to make our magazine available to all college and university students in Toronto. This will include schools such like, University of Toronto – 55,000 students, York University – 50,000 students, Ryerson University – 25,000 students and several colleges in near future.

Sharhythm News

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